There is a fine line between the way a business owner thinks and the way a manager thinks.

A Business Owner watches every dollar that passes through the business, knowing that the net profit or loss is reflected in their personal bank account. The owner is always mindful of cash-flow, making payroll and maximizing the bottom line.

A Manager focuses most of their time and attention on doing their job well and planning for their own career path. While they may be tied to productivity though bonuses or other incentives, they also assume that the bills will be paid, their paycheck will clear the bank and that all is good.

I did say it is a “fine line”, didn’t I? That fine line comes in the form of how you think

What if the two could come together? What if employees learned to think like an owner and what if owners drew more from their employees by becoming better leaders? That is the combination that will take your business to a whole new level.

Craig Kitch works with Business Owners who want to inspire managers to think more like an owner, and Managers who want to become better leaders.

As an owner, how many times have you sent a manager or other employee to a training workshop or seminar to help them improve their skills, only to find several months later that not much has changed? Don’t feel alone. It happens all the time. The key to taking your business up a notch is not learning more. It is the effective, systematic and intentional implementation of what you already know. That means YOU, owner, need to inspire your managers to think more like you do about the business. And it means that YOU, manager, need to become a better leader for your team to achieve greater goals.

Leaders who have worked with Craig report immediate improvements in sales, employee loyalty & retention, team morale and customer service. Contact Craig today and put your business back on track for success.

You'll get:

  • More Efficiency
  • More Pro-Active Decisions
  • More Focus on the Right Things
  • More Money In The Bank

That all adds up to more peace of mind for you!

"Thanks for the amazing impact you had on our people. You gave them practical information in an entertaining way. Your interaction with the audience is astounding.
As one of our employees said, you "brought real-world hotel experience" and that made you “more believable”. It is also refreshing to have someone like you who brings solid content to our annual convention and is also willing to spend one on one time with our attendees.
You serve us very well, Craig."
- Chris Longstreet, CHA, CHT Director, Program Development & Management Choice Hotels International

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"Thank you for an outstanding workshop. Your approach in presenting the material was perfect as you kept the group engaged and participating. I highly recommend your system and workshop to everyone I know."
- Tom Hillman, COO